GLS Global LLC is a US-based company specializing in US & Global tax compliance and consulting for both business and individual clients. Global business is changing on a daily basis with new rules and regulations coming into force. Choosing the right tax structure can give individuals and businesses a clear advantage. At GLS Global we can help both individuals and businesses achieve tax-efficient solutions and enable you to compete in a global economy.


  • Foreign corporations operating businesses or investing in the US
  • US entities doing business abroad


  • individuals compliance with US regulations
  • US citizens living abroad
  • US citizens working outside the US compliance with IRS tax requirements
  • US citizens with foreign investments seeking to optimize foreign tax credits
  • Foreign nationals who live or work in the US
  • Foreign nationals who have investments in the US.

Global businesses are constantly under pressure to stay in control of tax, legislative and regulatory developments from around the world. GLS GLOBAL LLC, understands global tax and accounting needs impacting the business decisions you make for your organization.

GLS Global LLC works with you to ensure that you are not only in compliance with all your US and international tax regulations, but that you are taking advantage of all tax savings.

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In a world where business needs dictate flexibility, innovation and dependability in tax and accounting services, GLS Global, LLC is your solution.

~ GLS Management

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